We all have insurance on our homes and automobiles to protect us from the unknown, so why not protect our jewelry too?  Jewelry is precious and most often delicate - a combination that can lead to damage, loss, or theft.  Whether your ring is stolen, falls in the garbage disposal, or slips off in the lake, insurance is the only way to safeguard your beloved adornments.  There are many choices when it comes to which company you can trust with a policy.  One MAJOR thing to ask before making a final decision is whether they cover “mysterious disappearance.”  Many homeowner’s policies do not cover instances like losing a ring in the ocean or misplacing a bracelet so be sure you find a company that does.  Another thing to remember is you get what you pay for, sometimes the policy that costs a little more can be less of a headache when you face the unfortunate reality of making a claim.  At Norman’s we are here to help.  We write professional appraisals and deal with insurance companies on a weekly basis.  Feel free to ask us any questions or bring in your jewelry for an appraisal.