Earrings Through The Ages


Earrings come in all shapes and sizes; some have precious stones, some are plain, some dazzle with diamonds while others are unassuming. Today, a vast portion of the population wears earrings - so much so that it is the number one body modification across the world. Would you believe ear piercing has been around since the early Bronze age, as early as 2000-1600 B.C.E.? Archaeological digs have uncovered depictions of soldiers with earrings in ancient Persian temples. Even the oldest known mummy body from 5300 years ago shows evidence of ear piercing, and this body modification is prolific throughout the ancient world. Similar to today gold, silver, and bronze were the first materials used to create different earring styles. Hoop earrings have historically been the most popular style, and that fact still remains today! We all know modern-day designers and entertainers invent and influence fashion, jewelry, and style - however we must give credit to our ancestors for being the original trendsetters. For a bit of history on the ancient story of ear piercing visit