Its Complicated


Everyone knows Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Vacheron Constantin are some high-end watch makers with high price tags to match.  These top watch manufacturers make timepieces of extraordinary quality and often have a long history in watchmaking.  Companies like, Patek Philippe, have spent centuries dedicated to advancement in their field.  As time passed watch makers developed many useful and beautiful complications for their watches.  But what is a complication?  In horology, a complication refers to any feature in a mechanical timepiece beyond the simple display of hours and minutes.  Common complications include day/date displays, alarms, moon phases, chronographs, stopwatches, and automatic winding mechanisms.  The most complicated watch in the world currently is the Vacheron Constantin 57260 with 57 Complications!  It took 8 years to assemble and is 98mm.  For more information on the 57260 follow the link below.