The Crown Jewels


When you think of the crown jewels you picture the Crown and Glorious Scepter,  But the actual collection includes much more than what is used at coronations.  The collection incorporates church and banqueting plates, robes, medals, and royal christening fonts among many others; 140 pieces to be exact.  The most awe-inspiring of the 23,578 precious and semi-precious stones that make up the crown jewels is the Cullinan I Diamond, A.K.A “The Great Star of Africa” that resides in the famous Sovereigns Sceptre with the cross.  The diamond alone is thought to be worth upwards of 400 Million euro, and some valuations show the set to be worth three to five billion pounds! The Cullinan is the world’s largest clear-cut diamond weighing in at 530 carats…That’s almost a quarter of a pound!  The Collection was kept in Westminster Abby until somewhere in the 14th century when they were moved to the famous Tower of London.  The collection has had an intense history over the years that includes attempted theft to secret hiding places and other such turmoil. For more on the history of this incredible collection check out this link.