Real Buried Treasure


On a sunny San Francisco afternoon, a couple was taking a leisurely walk around their property with their dog when they spotted something odd underneath the shadow of a tree.  When they went to investigate they found the top of an old can sticking up from the base of the tree.  After examining the can, they noticed it was full of gold coins.  All said and done they unearthed eight cans containing four $5 gold pieces, fifty $10 gold pieces, and 1,373 $20 double eagles, the crown jewel of the collection — an 1866-S No Motto $20 gold piece valued at more than $1,000,000.  Most of the coins were from the San Francisco mint and it is undetermined who actually put them there.  Most of the coins are in mint condition so they must have been stashed very close to when they were minted.  The couple has remained anonymous but they have put some of the coins up for sale, kept some, and donated some to charity and historical museums.  With a total face value of $27,980 the numismatic value is worth over 10 MILLION!  For more information about this real-life gold strike check out some of these sitesf