A Cut Above the Rest


Did you know that diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance found on Earth?  Given their hardness you may be wondering how they can be polished into the sparkly stunners we all know and love.  The answer to that question is with other diamonds of course!  The process begins with planning.  A cutter decides what shape he is going to make and will saw or split a diamond along crystal planes.  After the diamond is split the cutter can start the next process called bruting.  Bruting will shape the girdle outline.  After bruting the stone will be polished which consists of blocking and brillianteering.  After these final steps the diamond will have all of its facets and can make its way to a fine piece of jewelry.  Diamond polishing is a true art that takes much skill and planning.  Many of the processes are now automated and only time will tell what advancements will be made in the future of diamond cutting.  check out this in depth explanation and video if you want to learn more!